. . . How It Works

Step 1. Search for your deal using your specific criteria.

Step 2.


Locate your deal.

Deal is non-negotiable UNLESS a Trade-in is involved.

Deal is valid for 24 hrs from the time of posting.

Step 3.





Take a “Quick View” of the vehicle’s Deal and the Vehicle.

Click on “More Info” to get a detailed view of the
Lease details and the Vehicle’s options.

Taxes and fees included in the deal are valid for
the County and State the Vehicle is registered in.

Step 4.


Click on "Take Deal" to fill out the Credit Application from
the Dealer's Credit Application link or Request a Credit
Application from the Dealer.

Deal is contingent – On Approved Credit. (OAC)
Step 5.


Conclude Transaction.  For Out-of-State deals,
proof of residency must be established. Taxes and fees
are recalculated based on local state and tax laws of resident.

Vehicle shipping fees are not-included.




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